>Things to get used to:


  • The Chilean schedule. I have no problem sleeping late, but the whole staying up late is really going to take some getting used to. Tonight I was hanging out with some friends and almost falling asleep at around 1:30 am. Then one friend asked me to go to his bar with him and I said no I was too tired and he made fun of me. (And now I’m here writing this post instead of sleeping, but I really am tired. I just felt like writing this before I forgot everything.)
  • All the NOISE. Lydia just posted about this and she’s so right. It’s noisy here. I’m used to living in the middle of nowhere and having the loudest thing being the coyotes occasionally howling at night and my dad letting the dogs out in the morning. And now I have traffic, music, the neighbor kids yelling and screaming (at 1:30 in the morning I may add) and people walking by out on the street. Plus it’s so hot right now that I have no choice but to leave the windows open. Noise or boil to death? Noise please. E.T.A: I forgot a lot of noises, but quickly remembered them this morning as I attempted to sleep past 9:30. DOGS BARKING! CHURCH BELLS RINGING! BIRDS CHIRPING! CATS FIGHTING! Ahh..the list goes on and on.
  • People commenting openly about my physical appearance. Luckily, it has all been positive so far (everyone thinks I’m skinnier and my host dad thinks I got taller…doubtful but nice of him to say). I didn’t even realize I had lost weight, but apparently I have. I wonder if I had gained 40 pounds whether they would tell me “Oh my, you’re fatter.” Probably.
  • Saludar-ing everyone (greeting everyone). I’m sorry, but if there is a room full of people I don’t know and probably will never see again in my life, I really don’t want to go kiss them all on the cheek. I guess I’m just lazy. Apart from that, I do love the custom of kissing everyone on the cheek instead of frigidly shaking hands. I just wish I didn’t have to do it to huge groups of people.

Anyway, it probably sounds like I’m complaining. I guess maybe I am a little, but really these are things that I will eventually get used to, they are just little Chilean habits and characteristics of living in Santiago that I had kind of forgotten about. I mean really, I’ve been here for about 36 hours now. It will all come in time.


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