>Estoy Aquí!

>I arrived, safe and sound!

It’s really hot here. I figured out that I went from around 15 to 90 degrees F. That’s a HUGE shock. But let me tell you, it’s really nice to walk around in flip flops and shorts.

My flight was very long, but nothing out of the ordinary happened. On the flight from Boston to Toronto I sat next to a woman who slept the whole time. On the flight from Toronto to Santiago (10.5 hours, in case any of you weren’t familiar) I sat next to Judy, who is from Michigan and going on a cruise and didn’t sleep at all. Instead she watched the movies that AirCanada so nicely provided for us on fast forward. Weird, but whatever. I tried to sleep but I had to pee FIVE TIMES. And I had the window seat so poor Judy had to get up every time. Maybe that’s why she didn’t sleep…

There was a huge long line at immigrations but they let me go in the “Chileans Only” line so it was a little faster. When I got to claim my bags there were crowds of people standing around baggage carousel 1 cheering and whistling. At first I thought there was some sort of performance going on, but then I realized that in Chile, whistling is pretty much equal to booing and concluded that they must have been waiting a very long time for their baggage and got fed up.

Then as I got through customs F. was there waiting for me!!! It was the perfect ending to a REALLY long trip. As some of you know, I’ve been sick the past few days with a chest cold and therefore the trip really took a lot out of me, but I’ve since slept and feel a little more recuperated. I’m going to rest up tonight (as in go to bed after I finish writing this) and then tomorrow night I’ll have fun.

I’m too tired right now to fully comprehend that I’m really here, and even less so to try to digest how it feels to be back in Santiago. I’ll leave that for another day.


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