>I’m going to miss you all!


Christmas Eve with Chelsea and Gram
Christmas morning hugs from Dad
Sisters 🙂
Philip and I 🙂
Mom visiting at work
Wonderful friends from work

Obviously I don’t have a picture here of everyone I’m going to miss, these are just a few shots that have been taken in the past few days.

Christmas was lovely. I received lots of very generous, heartfelt gifts, both tangible and not. I feel very blessed to be part of a great family who loves and supports me so much. Many of you will start reading this blog soon because I’ll be sending out the e-mail with the link probably tomorrow. I pinky promise to update this way more than my other Chile blog and if you’re interested, you can browse through the archives because I’ve been writing for a few months now.

I’ll be pretty busy up until I leave. Tomorrow I’m going to run errands to buy everything else I need for Chile. Sunday and Monday I’m heading up to Maine to visit friends. I’ll be back Monday night and will dedicate Tuesday and Wednesday to packing and saying last minute goodbyes. Thursday morning we’ll head out to Boston. My flight is at 6:30pm and I arrive 16 hours later in Santiago.


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