>Am I excited?

>I leave for Chile in ten days, so the inevitable question that everyone and their mom asks me is: “Are you excited?”

For me, this is not a simple yes or no answer. Obviously there are some very good reasons I am excited.

1) I feel like I’m finally starting my “grown up” life. I’ll be living on my own, earning my own money, paying my own bills, etc.
2) I will be in Chile, where everyone speaks Spanish!
3) I will get to see F., my lovely host family, other Chilean friends, and new gringa blogger friends (who wants to hang out?? haha).
4) I’ll get to meet lots of new people!
5) It will be summer!

There are also many reasons why I’m scared (see number 1 above), nervous and sad. I know this is the right decision for me, but it is so comfortable living with my family, it’s almost something that I don’t want to give up. Not only do I have my parents right here if anything comes up, I also have instant entertainment in the form of my brother and sister, and four people who love and care about me no matter what I do. Also, it’s the little things I like about my house. I know that eventually I will come to love my bed in Santiago, but right now the thought of sleeping in a bed that is not the one I’m in right now makes me kind of panicky. Plus my doggies are here, and no matter how many times I tell them, they will never understand why I’m leaving. Ruby will just know that the person who tirelessly rubs her belly is gone, and Stella will have to sleep in my empty bed. Right this very instant Ruby is looking around my room at my empty suitcases and piles of stuff and glancing forlornly back at me…she knows I’m leaving and it breaks my heart!

Anyway, the short answer is “Yes, of COURSE I’m excited.” But I’m also feeling a whole range of emotion. And the brunt of it probably won’t hit me until I’m in the airport saying goodbye.

Like everyone else in the blogging world, I’ll probably be away for awhile, unless something really exciting or scandalous goes down during the festivities, then you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be here to share.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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