>Today is the last day of my own personalized NaBloPoMo in which I wrote every day from November 10th through December 10th. Soooo….yay! I did it.

I’ve realized a lot about myself through doing this little experience. Mostly, that I love to write, and that writing things down helps me de-stress and think about things in a more rational manner. In other words, I write to vent.

I also realized the importance of writing to record and remember later. I found my high school diary a few days ago, and I wish that I had written in it more often. The entries I did write helped me to remember things that I wouldn’t have recalled otherwise. Years from now, I think I’ll be glad that I kept this blog updated so well, even though sometimes I have writers blog or don’t feel like posting.

Eventually, this blog will have more direction. I realize now that I post about very random things, ranging from serious to not serious at all. But for now, that’s how it’s going to be 🙂


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