>A good day

>Today was a good day, mostly because I had fun at work for the first time in a while. I don’t like to talk about work on this blog because it’s the Internet, and I don’t want people mis-interpreting anything I write here. I do like my job and probably wouldn’t say anything bad, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The reason I haven’t been having fun recently is because it’s SLOW. We only have 4 staff/day in my department so there are less people to chat with. And less tourists to chat with as well. But today was actually kind of exciting, but I can’t post about it here.

Today was also good because my brother came home and I wasn’t expecting him. I love my parents, but it’s fun and exciting to have someone else in the house.

Also, my parents went grocery shopping!! I shouldn’t sound so excited, but it’s been awhile. Today for lunch I brought: two graham crackers, the last of the yogurt, the last granola bar, a withered clementine and some cranberry sauce (left over from dinner last night). Slim pickings! But tonight we had a delicious dinner of home made pizza with ham, caramelized onions and pineapple. Yummy. And tomorrow my Dad is going to make corn chowder, my favorite!

Also, it was a good day because it’s Friday, so that means tomorrow I can sleep in and get a lot of things done that I have put off this week and so I’ll stop feeling so stressed.


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