>Would you like some cheese with that whine?

>I’ve been feeling a little crabby lately. So I feel like writing a list of pet peeves/things that get on my nerves.

1. Drivers that tailgate me. Especially at night. Especially with those halogen headlights.
2. Bluetooth headsets. Or rather, people who wear them all the time. I understand they may be useful while in the car. But other than that, take it out. Nobody cares that you’re a workaholic except yourself.
3. Christmas Music before December 23rd.
4. Members of my family that do not break down cardboard cereal boxes and put them in recycling when they are finished.
5. Things that are uneven and/or not symmetrical.
6. Pedestrians that don’t use the crosswalk, especially at night.
7. Hunting season.
8. The fact that the end of shows that are TiVoed ALWAYS cut off the previews of the next episode.
9. When a book ends like I guessed they would.
10. Annoying facebook applications. No, I don’t want to add The Little Green Patch or fight you in a Ninja/Pirate war.

Ha. From the number of times I had to link back to previous posts, it seems that I write quite a lot about things that bug me. Oh well.


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