>Christmas Music and Stuff

>Don’t call me Scrooge, but I can only stand Christmas music in VERY SMALL quantities, preferably starting on December 23rd and ending on December 25th.

However, today at work they turned 0n the Holiday tunes. Just imagine: approximately 7 hours a day, 5 days a week for three weeks of listening to Deck the Halls and Frosty the Snowman.

The thing is, I love Christmas, as in the 24th and 25th of December. I am not a huge fan of the Christmas season. How is it that the birth of Jesus Christ turned into more than one month of unabashed consumerism? It’s a little sickening to me.

Speaking of consumerism, everyone should watch this video: The Story of Stuff. It’s pretty depressing, but very eye-opening. At first I just thought she was going to talk about stuff I already knew, like the fact that the US exploits the Developing World for its natural resources (DUH) but I did not know that the consumerist culture was invented by economists after World War II.

I realize that I’m not perfect when it comes to consumerism (note my last post about shoes) but at least I recognize that it disgusts me and I do think twice before I buy something. Right now the one thing on my Christmas list is an iPod Nano Chromatic. I do have an ancient iPod shuffle that works (if I turn it on a very special way) so I don’t really need the Nano, although it would be more convienent to have all of my music in one place.

Also, I’m not judging people who like to shop because I recognize that it is such a part of our culture. But I challenge everyone to think about where the stuff you buy comes from, and ask yourself: Do I really need this?


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