>NaBloPoMo and packing (again)

>So NaBloPoMo officially ended yesterday, and since the time I started on November 10th, I did post every day! Yay me! Since I started late I’ll post every day until the 10th of December.

Frankly, it’s not hard for me to post every day right now. Yeah, I sometimes get writers block but I usually always have time to post. Once I get to Chile I’ll probably have a ton of stuff to write about but no time. That’s the way life usually works out.

Speaking of Chile, I leave one month from today! I’m super excited, but as I’ve already mentioned, I’m getting nervous about packing. I went shoe shopping yesterday and bought some really cute black Mary-Janes that are SO comfortable. They were the last I tried on (after trying 6-7 different pairs) and I knew right away that I needed them. Hopefully they will work well for trudging around Santiago. Anyway, last night I decided to lay out all the shoes I wanted to bring with me. I narrowed it down to 10 pairs. AGH! I have a problem. I talked with J. at work today and tried to get rid of a pair, but even she agreed that they were all necessary. I guess I’ll just have to sacrifice something else in favor of the shoes. Maybe I’ll put some in my carry-on so they don’t take up too much weight and then wear the heaviest pair.


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