>As I began to watch this movie, I realized that I had already seen it. Before I was 100% sure, though, I would predict what was going to happen next, and sure enough, it would happen. That’s what led me to remember that I must have seen it in a music class in elementary school.

I really liked this movie. It made me wish that I was more of a classical music nerd so that I could identify every piece of music played. Obviously I recognized it as Mozart, but I couldn’t say “Oh this is Such and Such a Symphony in A minor!” But alas, in another life I will be that person.

The story was really great, which made me believe it was only loosely based on fact, which is indeed true. After reading the Wikipedia articles on Mozart and Salieri, it’s clear that the movie (and the play on which it is based) imagined a story based on the rumor that Salieri blamed himself for killing Mozart on his deathbed.

Overall, this movie deserved an Oscar. The story was good, as was the acting, costumes and it goes without saying that the music was superb. I mean you can’t do a movie about Mozart without a top-notch score.

Also, it was really funny to see Cynthia Nixon as a poor maidservant instead of Miranda from Sex and the City. She did a great job, though!


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