>Who knew?

>Well, I certainly did not know that Bravissimo Helado (English translation: Bravissimo Ice Cream) was actually GELATO! No wonder I like it so much more than “regular” ice cream. I was convinced that “Chilean ice cream is different” (as I have told all of my friends many times.) It’s not different; it’s not ice cream!

I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. Here’s a conversation that took place at work that is a perfect example:

M: “Do you know So and So? ” (sheesh! I can’t even remember his name now…maybe my memory is going too!)
Abby: “No, why? Does he know me?”
M: “Ummm, no. He’s a singer. He’s coming to Higher Ground in February.”
Abby: “Oh.”
M: “He’s pretty well known.”
Abby: “Oh.” *Sheepishly crawls under her rock where she belongs.*

I guess I need to go out more.


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