>I’m not really a huge fan of war movies. They are unpleasant, including loud shooting/bombing noises, lots of blood and guts, and not to mention the fact my favorite characters ususally get killed or wounded.

However, I did “enjoy” Platoon as much as I could, considering it was a war movie. I had previously watched a few scenes in my History of the Vietnam War Through Film class that I took during my freshmen year at Colby. It was nice to finally see the whole film and add some context two those scenes.

Luckily, one of the scenes that I had already seen ended up being the most disturbing part of the movie. I remember almost breaking down in class after seeing it five years ago, but this time around I handled it better. My dad, on the other hand, kept a constant mantra of “that’s sick, that’s sick, that’s sick” and my mom, who was “not watching” from her computer, kept telling us to turn down the volume.

It was extremely bizarre to see Charlie Sheen play a serious role. I am a HUGE fan of Two and a Half Men, and half-expected him to be his sarcastic and witty “self” that he plays on that show. However, I wasn’t disappointed in his performance at all. Tom Berenger did a SUPERB job playing the bat-shit-crazy Sargent Barnes. If I encountered him in a dark alley, I would go running the other way. FAST.

Thinking about when this film was relased (1986….what a great year!!) I can imagine that it had a great impact on many Vietnam Vets and people who were directly affected by the conflict. I vaguely remember my professor telling us that the 1980s was a very important decade for Vietnam War era films. Born on the Fourth of July, Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now and the Rambo movies all came out during this time. I really wish I could remember more from my class to be able to intelligently discuss the significance fo these movies for the whole Vietnam war era, but unfortunatley my brain has atrophied.

In sum, Platoon was good. A little intense in terms of the bullets, bombs, blood and guts for me, but I did appreicate it.


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