>Brain atrophy and my failing castellano

>The other day my cousin called. We were chatting along and then she asked me what I thought about the recent G-20 conference in Washington, D.C.


Then she chastized me for letting my brain atrophy after graduating.

It’s true. Even though I usually stay caught up with relevant National and International News through the NYTimes, CNN, NPR (and even occasionaly La Tercera and El Mercurio!) I realized that I usually just read the articles, I don’t form opinions on them and I hardly ever have anyone to discuss things with. I miss that! For my classes at Colby, we were pretty much required to be able to intelligently discuss current events. Now I don’t have that intellectual stimulation and I’m concerned that my brain is suffering. Gah!

Also, my Spanish has gotten so much worse. I yearn to be at the level that I was while studying abroad. It comes down to laziness though. I know that F. understands English, so when I can’t think of a word I just say it in English. I really should be more disciplined! I realize that once I get back to Chile in a little over 6 weeks (YAY!) it will come back quickly. I guess I’m just frustrated with myself that I wasn’t able to keep my Spanish at the same level, although it’s next to impossible considering I’m living surrounded by English speakers. I try to make up for it by only listening to Shakira and Juanes, but somehow that’s just not the same.


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