>The Last Emperor


Last night I watched The Last Emperor, winner of the 1987 Oscar for Best Picture and the next movie in my project.

The thing I liked best about this movie is that being the history nerd that I am, I was able to learn about a period of history that I’m not too familiar with. The movie basically chronicles the life of China’s “Last Emperor”, Piyu, who ruled from the time he was 3 years old in 1908 to 1911, and then was a symbolic Emperor until 1924. To read more about his life, click here.

The beginning of the movie was interesting, portraying Piyu’s life in the Forbidden City. After that it was just so-so and it definitely lost my interest a little bit.

The costumes were exquisite, as were the elaborate hair styles. I also read that it was the first movie to be filmed inside the Forbidden City, so it was cool to see that and learn how the emperors were treated.

All in all, I’m glad I watched the movie but it wasn’t great. I don’t think its very deserving of the Oscar, mainly because the acting was not astounding and I got bored towards the end.

Up next: Platoon.


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