>Things I should not be worrying about yet…

>I know I have a month and a half until I have to really deal with this, but I spend a lot of my time thinking about how I’m going to pack for Chile. It’s hard to move your life in two checked bags weighing less than 50 lbs plus a carry-on and a “personal item”. I’m really hoping AirCanada is lenient about the definition of “personal item”, because I’d really like to bring my small black rolly suitcase plus my hiking backpack with me on the plane. Maybe if I don’t stuff the backpack too much it will be okay…

I have already decided that my parents will send me my wintry clothing at a later date. Boots and coats take up a lot of room. It would make my life if I could bring my toiletries in my carry-on luggage, but the stupid ban on liquids prevents that. They are so heavy!! I know, you’re thinking, “why doesn’t she just buy toiletries once she gets down there?” It’s not that I’m picky about my shampoo or anything, it’s just that the company I work for lets me buy their brands for DIRT cheap. Deodorant? 55 cents. Shampoo? $1.00. Face lotion? $1.05. Pore strips? 50 cents. It’s great. But also takes up room in my luggage. Buu.

If anyone has any packing tips, they would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been thinking about buying those things that vacuum seal your clothes–do those work well? And where does one buy them?


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