>Just under the line….

>I have to write this post in under eight minutes or else I won’t have written a post for today.

I went to see Cabaret with my sister and parents at UVM. It was fantastic. I wasn’t familiar with the play at all, but I loved it.

It wasn’t the typical musical that ends happily. It was a musical that made you laugh, but then made you feel guilty for laughing. For example, there is a scene where the Emcee sings and dances about this gorilla that is also on stage with him. Then the punch line at the end is: “And you can’t even tell she’s Jewish” (or something to that extent…I’m probably not remembering the line exactly right).

The part of the Emcee was played by my brother’s friend’s brother (complicated, I know) but the best part was we didn’t even know he was in the play until we got there and saw his name on the program. He was definitely one of the highlights of the show. He was just as good as the three professional actors who were part of the cast.

Anyway, I would write more but time is up!

“Life is a Cabaret, my friends!”


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