>How to entertain oneself while driving for 4 hours

>Today I drove home from Maine and was incredibly bored. I know the route by heart, despite the fact that it follows multiple secondary roads of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. So I have compiled a comprehensive list of ways to entertain oneself while driving for a longish period of time.

  1. Drink lots of water. This way you can stop in places such as West Paris and Bethlehem (ME and NH, respectively) to go pee.
  2. Keep track of how many cars pass you because heaven forbid you’re only going 60 in a 50 mph zone. (4).
  3. Keep track of how many cars you pass because they’re going 40 (or slower) in a 50 mph zone. (2).
  4. Shakira Shakira: a) try (and fail) to understand all the worlds to Ciego Sordomudo, especially after you catch such words as “anatomia” and “pantalones” b) appreciate the irony that while you are belting the lyrics: “Y el cielo está cansado ya de ver la lluvia caer!” it starts to rain c) play around with the bass settings while listening to Tortura and scare the old ladies walking on the sidwalk in a small NH town.
  5. Notice signs of the economic depression. Count for sale signs on cars and real estate signs outside houses. Take note of people riding bikes instead of cars even though it’s 40 degrees and November.
  6. Appreciate the beautiful scenery. For an extra challenge take pictures of it while maintaining a constant speed and not going off the road.
  7. Keeping with the theme of taking pictures, take awkward self-photos of yourself driving, preferably with some rockin’ shades on and looking incredibly serious.
  8. Honk as you drive through towns where relatives live (Lancaster, NH, St. Johnsbury, VT and Cabot, VT for me)
  9. Plan a blog post in your head, complete with pictures.

So there you have it folks. It’s easy to stay entertained while in the car! Also, I just read over at Clare’s blog that it’s NaBloPoMo, so even though I missed a few days of November because of my trip, I’ll try to start now and keep it up for the rest of the month. If you have anything in particular you want me to write about, leave a comment.

And I know, I need to write about Dances with Wolves, but instead of watching it tonight I had a Skype sing a long with F. that was way more fun. I love the fact that he knows more NSync songs than I do.


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