>One of the Undecided…

>Don’t worry. It’s not me. I voted weeks ago.

It’s my mother! My poor mom, she is caught between my dad and brother who will always vote Republican and my sister and I, who are (way) more liberal.

Our conversation today at breakfast:

Me: “Obama’s grandmother died yesterday!”
Mom: “Oh no. That’s so sad. But now he’ll get the sympathy vote.”
Me: “I don’t care what kind of vote he gets!”
Mom: “I still don’t know who to vote…”
Me (interrupting): “OBAMA!”
Mom: “I knew you’d say that.”
Me: “Do you really want 4 more years of what we just suffered through for eight years??”
Mom: “I guess you’re right…”

So maybe Obama will win my family, 3-2.

To anyone who has not voted yet: DO IT! And if it’s for Obama, all the more power to you.


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