>Schindler’s List

>I’m not sure how to write about my impressions of this movie. I watched it last night but I am still thinking about it now. I’ve decided to mention just a few scenes that really left an impression on me. (Note: to anyone who has not seen this movie there are potential spoilers below!)

The first scene that left an impression on me is actually two scenes. The movie is entirely in black and white except for two parts that show a little girl in a red dress. The first scene in which she appears she is running through the ghetto during the purge and no one seems to stop her. She goes into a house and hides underneath a bed. Later on in the movie, I started thinking about her, because until that point we hadn’t found out if she survived or not. Literally less than two minutes later, during the scene where the Jews are made to exhume all of the bodies from a mass grave and burn them, the corpse of the young girl, her jacket still on, passes by in a wheel barrow. Upon seeing that, I screamed out, “NO!” and burst into tears.

Another scene that was so intense was when Herr Komandant and his SS cronies are trying to kill the man who didn’t make enough hinges. Their guns repeatedly don’t go off, and they keep trying to shoot him, over and over again, and it is so tense because you don’t know if one of the guns is going to go off or not. They never do, but the suspense is ridiculous.

So call me naive, but I didn’t realize that this was a true story. I had inklings throughout the film that it might be based on true events or something, but the last scene was all that more powerful because that’s when I found out that Oskar Schindler was a real man who saved 1200 Jews. The actors file past Schindler’s grave with their real-life counterparts, each placing a stone on his tombstone. This part gave me goosebumps.

Anyway, I absolutely understand why this film won the Oscar. I recommend it as a very important film to watch, although it is very graphic and disturbing at parts.


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