>Money mon-ayyyy

>For anyone earning CLP right now, I know the exchange rate can be a bit depressing. In fact, I was lamenting about it tonight with F. He thought I was crazy, because obviously when I first get to Chile I’ll have to convert dollars to pesos and it will be in my favor. But I told him how once I start getting my paycheck, in my mind, I’ll be earning a lot less than if the dollar was weaker.

But he gave me some good advice. Forget about the dollar. I will be in Chile, earning CLP and buying in CLP so it won’t matter that much. That made me feel a little better.

But then my Dad told me that would only hold true if the price of living in Chile weren’t going up as well. F. didn’t mention this, but I also didn’t think to ask.

Is the price of living going up noticably? More specifically, have they increased the price of a metro/micro ride (I think it was at 380 when I was there last). I swear someday soon they will have to do that if they haven’t already and all hell will break loose.

I have to apologize, a lot of my posts are about money. Living in Chile in January will be my first experience living on my own and really having to manage my money and I’m kind of nervous!


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