>This is why I don’t drink Coke past 4 pm….

>I really want to go to bed. I’m tired. My back hurts and my bed looks sooo comfortable. But my mind won’t shut off.

I was going to just ask for Ginger Ale at the concert but then the 12 year old boy in front of me in line asked for a RedBull so I felt like a ninny asking for something without caffeine. So I went for the Diet Coke.

WRONG. Even though it kept me awake through the concert and on the treacherous ride home (who knew it was supposed to torrential downpour today? not me…) I now really want to fall asleep.

State Radio was okay. The first half of the concert made me want to shoot myself in the foot. They played all this hard-rock stuff with a ton of guitar solos. By the end of the song I had forgotten what song they had started to play. But the second half was much better, probably because they started playing songs people had actually heard before. And then for the encore they brought out their opening band (BongoLove? I didn’t quite catch the name) and that was fun. I love concerts in general because I love people watching. There was a guy there with horns plastered to his forehead and he danced around without a shirt on. I think he was trying to be a satyr.

Maybe I’ll attempt sleep again….

Don’t forget to check out my group blogging post below.


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