>Another Reason I’m NOT Voting for McCain

>Chileno linked to this article today. And this was after he gave Obama so much crap for agreeing to meet certain world leaders without pre-conditions?!?!?

In the article it links to a declassified government document that mentiones Bob Gelbard, a Colby Alum who I ate dinner with multiple times at Colby Godfarb Center events. It’s funny, because I remember one conversation I had with him right before I left for Chile and he told me, “WHY do you want to study there? Why not go to an interesting country such as Peru or Bolivia?” Not having been to Chile before, I didn’t really know what to think of his comments, and at the time I wanted to go into the foreign service so I figured I should be polite.

But I digress. This article is really the last straw for me in terms of McCain. Not only is he being hypocritical about the whole “palling around with terroritst” thing, but being pampered by Pinocho and his cronies?!? Why is this just coming out now?

Tomorrow look forward to my group blogging post on classism/racism. I’m super excited to write about this but I’m busy tonight and can’t focus enough here at work to write what i want to be a cohesive and well-thought out post.


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