>The Communal Bed

>Every morning I inevitably have to wake up around 2 hours before my alarm goes off to go pee. Sometimes I wish that my bladder was just a little bit larger to last a full 8 hours of sleep, but it’s kind of nice to get to go back to sleep after waking up. I swear the pets in my house have bionic hearing because no matter how quiet I am, they know when I’ve gotten up. As soon as I’m settled back under my warm covers, I hear a pitter-pattering up the stairs and Stella starts whining at my door. As soon as I’ve let her in and she’s snuggled down under the blankets, I hear purring outside my door (Oscar purrs sooo loudly) and then he starts scratching. So I get up to let him in. Then Ruby’s jealousy sensors are on high alert and she comes bounding up the stairs and insists that I awkwardly lean one hand out the bed and pet her. She doesn’t like coming on the bed because (horror of all horrors) the cat is up there and plus she has a weird thing about personal space. In fact, she will not share a sofa with someone, even if we’re on a completely different cushion. She will usually tolerate us for a few minutes, but as soon as we move an inch or laugh to hard or talk to loud she is out of there, always giving us a disdainful look as she settles in on the floor.

I recently realized that my life would be much easier if I just left the door open a crack after I went to the bathroom in the mornings. Now the animals are free to enter and exit at their will. However, this is an imperfect solution as it lets me hear my parents banging around downstairs and the smell of coffee inevitably wafts into my room making me want to wake up.

This morning I managed to stay in bed until 9:15 (miracle!). I would love to just be able to sleep until 11 without any distractions. This is one reason why I’m so excited about Chile. On the weekends I’ll be able to sleep as long as I want to because everyone else will also be alseep! And there will be no animal visitors to my communal bed. 🙂

PS. It snowed this morning. I stumbled out of bed, looked out the window and said “Holy Crap.” I wish someone had been there to hear me or record my reaction because it was funny. I pretty much hate snow outside the month of December.


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