>I love it when things just work out

>Yesterday at work D. asked me if I was doing anything later, I said no, and so we planned a fun night out. We went to a Thai restaurant near work and then afterward went and saw Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. The movie was cute; I love Michael Cera, he cracks me up so much. I think I was the one laughing the most in the movie theater and I hope I didn’t annoy the hell out of the other 8 people there.

I just love it when you don’t have any plans and then something fun happens. Spontaneity is awesome.

Speaking of Michael Cera, I hope you all have seen this video. It’s hilarious. And even more so because my friends had this idea to all present our theses drunk during senior week. We got together and got tipsy and then talked about our topics. My video was so embarassing and not even that funny. I’m not sure if anyone ever complied them all or not, becuase then we all graduated and went our separate ways. But I digress. Watch this movie:


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