>Scratch Subtle…

>So I went for a whole different color scheme.

And because two posts in one day is annoying (I agree with Kyle) I will share a brief story.

I am not a cat person. However, I love animals a lot, so I probably like cats more than the average not-cat person. In fact, I down right love some kitties (namely my old room mate’s cat Romeo). But I don’t really like my own cat. I feel bad saying that because he’s getting on in years and has been part of my family for about 10 years. He just has these really annoying habits and is not very friendly to make up for it. For example, he gorges himself on food and then pukes it back up again. Gross. And before I smartened up and closed my door he used to wake me up in the middle of night by licking my hair! Ew.

It’s weird how life deals you funny little situations that you’d never thought would happen. The cat is technically my sister’s, and when we were little she was always trying to get me to clean the litter box. I told her if she would muck out my horse’s stall, I’d clean the litter box. I think we made the switch once before she realized cleaning the litter box required less manual labor.

Now that I’m the only one that uses the upstairs bathroom, where his litter box is kept, it has fallen to me to clean it out. I’m sorry, but I’ve never been a fan of scooping clumps of poop and pee out of a box. My mom offered to do it as long as I told her when it got full, but I know it will just be more efficient if I do it (as in, it will actually get cleaned out once in a while! I love my Mom, but she is a busy woman).

Except I always put it off. And then I realize that it’s gotten really bad and end up cleaning it out at odd hours of the day. Like when I wake up at 5 am to go pee. Or at midnight right before I want to crawl into bed. Or as I’m rushing out the door to go to work.

In closing, a picture of Oscar (the cat in question). Someday I’ll tell about Cuddles, the cat with the most inaccurate name in the world.


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