>And then it hit me

>The reason everything went wrong today: it was the 13th!

Okay, I’m not really that superstitious but as I was throwing some garbage in the dumpster today at work and I realized it was the 13th. Then I walked around the corner of the building and saw a truck with mudflaps that said “Lucky.” And then this whole idea ocurred to me. Maybe sometimes 13 is unlucky.

Let’s see…things that went wrong/were bad about today:

  • I am still sick. My cold has moved to my chest which means I painfully cough up crap. And I get winded running around everywhere, which inevitably happened a lot today.
  • Three (yes, THREE) people called into work today. Two were sick and one’s car broke down.
  • One guy didn’t have a ride to work, and was going to use that as an excuse not to come in, but I was so desperate for people that I went and picked him up.
  • Three people were having problems with their significant others. This resulted in one emotional breakdown and one almost emotional breakdown.
  • The sink in the bathroom broke.
  • The leaf peepers were grumpy because they all had to wait in a long line for their tours/ice cream.
  • Traffic was horrendous on the way home. Everyone was leaving after Colombus Day Weekend.

Anyway, that being said the point of this post is not to gripe and moan (okay, well it is a little bit) but rather to hope that tomorrow is better. It’s not the 13th after all and hopefully we will have less tourists tomorrow. And hopefully everyone will feel better both physically and emotionally.


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