>Being sick has its advantages…

>For one, I am all caught up on my television shows. As in, every television show I ever watched in the last five years. Last year I hardly watched any TV at all. The only show I watched every week (almost) without fail was America’s Next Top Model, but that was only because it was a social event. All of my friends would come over, squeeze onto our futon and we would make fun of Tyra and see what poor skinny (or normal sized in the case of the last few seasons which included plus-size models) girl would get kicked off.

Anyway, in the past two days, thanks to the internet and my parent’s TiVo I have gotten caught up on all episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, The Office, House and (I’ll admit it) Survivor. Now the only reason that I even TiVo’ed Survivor in the first place was because one of the castaways, Gillian, came on my tour at work and told me to go online and vote for her as fan favorite. She got kicked off during the first episode. No wonder she was vying for fan favorite. Fat chance at that now! Anyway, since I started by watching the first episode I’ve gotten kind of hooked.

Anyway, now it’s Thursday night, and I have a dillema. Or better said, my parents have a dillema. Turns out they like to watch CSI. Turns out I already have Grey’s and The Office TiVo’ing for my later viewing pleasure. Turns out that with our TiVo (it’s not actually a TiVo, it’s a DVR but I like the word TiVo better) you can only record two things at once, and if you want to be actually watching live television at the time, you have to watch one of the two things recording. That’s so silly. I feel like you should be able to record two things and watch a third! I wonder what it was like back in the dark ages when one could only watch one tv show at a time and they didn’t post the episodes on the internet?


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