>Don’t Vote

>Check this out.

And obviously, do vote.

On a kind of related note, what do people think about voting laws in Chile vs. the US? For any of you that don’t know, once you are registered to vote in Chile you are obligated to do so by law. (It is not, however, obligatory to register). In the US, it is neither obligatory to register nor vote. I’m not really sure how I feel about it. I think it must be annoying that in Chile you have to return to the place that you registered to vote every year unless you live more that 600 km away (I think that’s the distance.) So say for instance you were born and registered to vote in Talca, but then later moved to Santiago, you would have to return to vote in Talca or pay a fine. There is no such thing as an absentee ballot.

I think it’s abysmal that in the US we have such low turn outs for elections, but I’m not sure that making people vote is the right answer to that problem. Because right now in Chile the trend is that young people aren’t registering to vote so that they are free of the obligation to vote every election. (And for other reasons. If you’re interested in those reasons I’ll talk about them in a separate post).

Anyway, that aside, if you’re a US citizen, please vote in the election. I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, just please participate!


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