>I hate being sick

>Last night while trying to fall asleep I felt that nagging burning sensation in the back of my throat that signals the beginning of a head cold. I fully expected to wake up this morning with a full blown resfrio but now the pain in my throat is just about 10x worse.

I don’t handle being sick well. I don’t like to stop doing things. Luckily it’s my day off so I am more inclined to rest, because I would have gone to work today if I had had to. However, I also like to complain. So I go around moaning about being sick but I am stupid enough to keep going full throttle until I literally can’t do anything and am forced to lay in bed for 3 days.

I really think I should just rest today, but it’s so nice out! The sun is shining for the first day all fall and I really want to go for a hike with my dogs.

If I were in Chile my host mom would have me confined to my bed. I remember the first time I told her I wasn’t feeling well, it was about a week after I had arrived, my stomach felt a little off, and I really couldn’t bring myself to eat a full meal (especially with the portion sizes she gave me!!). So that prompted her to put me on a “dieta” of soda crackers, plain pasta and chicken soup for THREE DAYS.

I think Chileans in general over-react to getting sick. And they connect everything to the weather. I was always instructed to cover my mouth with my scarf when I went outside during the winter so that I wouldn’t breathe in the cold air and catch a cold. (I would have followed the logic better if they had told me it was to cut down on the amount of smog I was breathing in.)

However, what I did like about being sick in Chile was that I was taken care of. My host mom brought me all my meals in bed, provided cool wash clothes to put on my forehead when I had a fever and moved the DVD player into my room from downstairs. I felt like I was six years old again! With that kind of care, I was more likely to stay in bed. Now that I have to take care of myself when I’m sick I’d rather just ignore it. Anyone up for a hike?


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