>Please consider helping this very worthy cause

>Kyle, whose blog I read faithfully, is selling her photography this month to send a young Chilean man to college. You can read all about it here.

When I read about her and her husband’s dedication to paying for this man’s education, it really touched my heart for two main reasons. First of all, my church has been doing a similar project in a small village in El Salvador for 17 years. At first we paid the teacher’s salary so that the children of the remote village could attend elementary school. Then, after the Civil War ended, we started paying for kids to attend high school, and currently are sponsoring 8 university students! This summer two of those students plus their pastor and mentor visited us.

Secondly, haven written my thesis on the Chilean education system, I know that literally the only way to move up the income ladder in Chile is to get a higher education, which is literally impossible for the vast majority of the population. It all starts out with the crappy primary and secondary public education they receive which prevents them from being able to attend the “traditional” universities such as UChile or PUC (the Catholic University) that are somewhat cheaper than private universities. A lot of private universisties (of which there are 1000s) are much easier to get into, but are very very expensive. Also, loans are less available for private universities than the traditional ones. It’s basically a lose-lose situation for the poor in Chile. The education system perpetuates inequality, yet getting an education is the only way to lift oneself out of poverty. Sucky, huh?

Anyway, I could literally go on forever about this topic because I’m very passionate abou it, but I will end it here because the point of this post is to encourage you to buy some prints (or postcards) from Kyle’s website to support her husband’s co-worker. I myself am going to see if I can get a Christmas present or two for my family.


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