>A lazy Sunday night

>My dad and I are currently in the basement, watching the Red Sox play the Angels (currently losing 4-3…boo!). We’re both on our laptops, half paying attention to the game and reading each other funny tid-bits from our internet browsing.

Dad just said to me, “Want to look over my resume?”
Me: “Sure, but e-mail it to me.”
Dad: “You’re so lazy. You won’t even come over here and look at it?”
Me: “No. Just send it. Or bring your laptop over here.”
Dad: “I’ll just send it.”

We’re so lazy. But that’s okay, because today was a really long day at work. I don’t like dealing with grumpy tourists. Luckily my current job will not turn into a career. I do, however, really love my co-workers. It’s so much nicer to go to work when there are people there who you look forward to seeing.

In case anyone is interested, I’m still obsessed with NPR. Tonight driving home I stumbled across this show called Says You! and it had me in stitches the whole ride home. Recorded in front of a live audience, the panelists of the show are divided into teams and compete in various games that have to do with words, trivia, etc. For example one round was like “Balderdash”. One team was given two false and one true definition, and the other team had to guess which one was the real one after they were read aloud. I’ll have to remember to listen to NPR on Sunday nights from now on.

Well, the Red-Sox just tied it up. I think that’s my cue to go to bed. It’s early, but so is my wake-up time tomorrow. I can’t wait to switch over to the Chilean schedule! I was not meant to wake up early. I especially appreciated Jessica’s saying in her recent post: I may rise, but I refuse to shine!


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