>Did it bother anyone else that Joe Biden didn’t look at the camera more?

>More on the debate tomorrow. I’m too tired to think.


So now that I can think, I realize that what really bothered me is Sarah Palin’s style of staring directly into the camera (and even winking every once in a while…ugh!). The reason this bothered me is because I knew how certain sectors of the population (Joe Six Pack…she even admitted it herself!) would just eat up her made-for-TV personality.

What she said didn’t really have any substance for me. She kept repeating that she and John McCain were “mavericks.” Now how could McCain be a maverick when he voted with Bush 90% of the time? It screamed of populism and when she said things like “America has the best work force in the world” and “I would like to shout out to So-and-So’s 3rd grade class” it just reminded me so much of the portrayals of the Perons in Argentina, appealing to the working class from the balcony of the Presidential Palace and making promises that were impossible to keep.

But she didn’t totally fail. That surprised me.

I was listening to some commentary this morning on NPR and they were saying how even though Palin didn’t hurt the GOP with her performance, she certainally didn’t help it either. They cited certain statistics but I forget them now (it was early). And according to CNN 51% polled said that Joe Biden won.

Over all, this debate wasn’t as exciting as I anticipated. Having never heard Biden speak before I was a little nervous for him, but I think he did fine and definitley had more substance to his responses than Palin. Like he said, “facts matter” and when it comes down to it, I really hope the US public realizes this.


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