>An insight into one aspect of my personality…

>I’m the kind of person that always orders the same thing at each restaurant I go to. For example, when I go to Subway (okay not really a restaurant, but go with me here) I always get turkey on honey wheat bread, no cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers and honey mustard. I know what I like and I stick to it.

I also like to eat the same thing for breakfast every morning. Usually it’s oatmeal, cooked in the microwave, with milk and maple syrup on top. Yum! If we’re out of oatmeal (like we have been this week) I eat Multi-Bran Flakes, sometimes with granola on top.

When it comes to CDs, when I find one I really like I listen to it non-stop over and over again. In August that CD was Maná’s Amar es Combatir and in September it was Juanes’ La Vida es un Ratico. I would try to get out of the rut by playing other CDs, but I would get halfway down the road, feel literally disgusted with what I was listening to and switch it to my current obsession.

I don’t really know what this says about my personality, but I’m sure a psychologist would have some sort of analysis. I’ve pretty much been this way my whole life. The only thing that this doesn’t apply to is TV or movies. I don’t like watching movies over again unless I can’t remember how they end, they were so complex I didn’t understand them the first time, or they are called Diarios de Motocicleta or Y Tu Mamá También (okay, and maybe Almost Famous is in there too). I hate watching the same episode of a TV show over again.

My recent obsession in terms of listening material for my drive to work: NPR Radio. This is probably due to a couple of key factors. Number one, radio in Central Vermont sucks so I have very few stations to chose from. Number two, I started listening right when the whole financial system crashed. I now consider myself somewhat of an “expert” on the sub-prime mortgage crisis, the SEC, the bailout, etc. And I’m loving it (well, not the crisis part, that blows, but the whole re-learning and understanding economic terms that I learned back in micro and macroecon).

Today I had a crisis though. I went to get my haircut in Barre (rhymes with “scary” for all of you non-Vermonters) and NPR wouldn’t come in!! There are various frequencies of NPR (or I guess VPR if you’re in Vermont) so I tried all of them and they nothing worked! I didn’t know what to do. I put in a CD (Juanes) but it wasn’t doing it for me. So then I tried another radio station, but the only thing that came in was either country or really bad classic rock. So I shut off the radio and sang to myself.

Right now I’m buring a new (to me) Shakira CD that I downloaded. I think this will become my new obsession, right after I listen to all of the analysis of the Senate Vote on my way to work tomorrow.


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