>A Plea to Pedestrians in Montpelier

>Montpelier, VT is the smallest capital in the United States and the only one not to have a McDonalds within the city limits. It’s a small city, less than 10,000 residents and downtown is tiny. There are two “major” streets and one “major” stop light. Probably for this reason pedestrians think they have free reign to walk where they want. This is pretty okay during the day; with adequate light I can usually brake in time for the little old lady who decides to walk out into the middle of the street (not on the sidewalk).

Dusk is a different story.

To any and all pedestrians in Montpelier at Dusk:



This is for your own safety. I already go about 15mph through Montpelier at night, but I have had just way too many close calls. Today three women decided to cross the street in a poorly light area and I had to slam on my brakes not to hit them. They were oblivious that they had almost been roadkill. This has not just happened to me once, but many times. I’m considering changing my route home just to avoid downtown.

Three months from tomorrow I will leave for Chile. I’m feeling a little nervous about this whole move, for personal as well as economic reasons, but I have faith that it will work out. That is if I manage to avoid getting sued for hitting a pedestrian in downtown Montpelier.


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