>Fall in Vermont

>Vermont is beautiful in the fall. This year we are having one of the greatest years in terms of foliage. Although it may peak earlier this year than some, the colors are absolutely brilliant. Fall in Maine was nice too, but there are a lot more Sugar and Red Maples in Vermont, and less Oaks, which makes for much brighter colors. Plus Maine is relatively flat so you can’t see the colors nicely displayed on the mountainsides like you can in Vermont.

In addition to the colorful leaves, I love crisp autumn air. It is invigorating. I love walking in the woods this time of year, it gives me energy. I also like the smell of fall (rotting leaves?).

There are a few downsides to this time of year though. Numero Uno is tourists. Like flies on honey, thousands of people over the age of 60 flock to Vermont on buses to go “leaf peeping.” Usually accompanied by a tired and cranky tour guide, often times not much younger than themselves, they infest Vermont tourist attractions and usually must be herded out of the gift shop by said guide when it’s time to go. Some arrive in cars and drive the back roads of Vermont at approximately 10 mph, gawking at the trees while natives fume in their cars, unable to pass them on the narrow, windy roads. I guess I shouldn’t complain because these tourists are literally putting money in my bank account, but they certainally find enough to complain about! Here are some classics:

  • First week of September– Crazy Tourist: “But I thought Vermont was known for its folliage!” Me: “It is.” CT: “But the leaves are still green!” Me: “They don’t change for another couple of weeks.” CT: “Oh. Well! My travel agent gave me the wrong information!”
  • CT: “Why is it so cloudy out? The leaves aren’t as pretty without the sun.” Me: “Well according to the weatherman, it’s the remanents of Tropical Storm Kyle.” CT: “Tropical Storm! But this is Vermont! Should we be worried?” Me: “About what?” CT: “The tropical storm that’s coming!!” Me: “No, don’t worry, Vermont is landlocked. We should just get a little rain.” CT: “Rain! Great, that’s just what I need on my vacation.”
  • CT: “Where’s the nearest bathroom?” Me: “Right around the corner on the right.” A few seconds later CT comes back, miffed. CT: “There’s a long line! Don’t you have another bathroom?” Me: “Yes, right outside on the boardwalk.” CT: “Outside! You expect me to walk all the way out there? Can’t you let me into the employee restroom?” Me: “No ma’am, I’m afraid I can’t.” CT: “My! What horrible service around here.”
  • CT: “Where do you buy the ice cream?” Me: “Outside under the blue awning.” CT: “You mean that long line! No way I’m waiting in that.” Me: “Well you could buy a pint inside at the gift shop.” CT: “Now what would I do with a whole pint?” Me: “Eat it.” CT: “No way. I tried your ice cream in New York on 62nd street and it was gross.” Me: ???

Bad thing numero dos about fall: it starts getting dark mega early. This cuts my jogging in the woods time down, and makes me more depressed. Ugh.


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