>The whole “gringa driving the micro” story…

>Like my host mom, there was one other host mom in my study abroad program who had hosted around 12-13 gringos, so she was pretty experienced in dealing with various crazy situations, but there was one gringa in particular who really took the cake in terms of giving this woman premature grey hairs. She was a heavy partyier and sometimes would not come home from a carrete until the next evening, worrying this poor woman to death because she would always forget to call and say where she was.

So one night, this woman (we’ll call her I.) was trying to sleep, worried about this crazy girl who was out carreteando. All of a sudden, she hears a micro horn outside of her door. She was confused because micros don’t go on her street, so she came outside to see her crazy gringa at the wheel of the micro, happy as a clam with the micrero standing behind her, cheering her on! Apparently the girl (drunk) had been waiting for a micro in Providencia somewhere (Calle Suecia, probably) when this empty micro stopped. As you can imagine, this happened in the days before Transantiago, when some micros actually ran at night. After charming the micrero a little bit with her drunk gringa charm (it probably didn’t take too much) she asked him if she could drive the micro. He said sure and let her drive it back to her house in Ñuñoa. Maybe he was drunk too…or more likely just completely infatuated with this girl.

So I. gave the micrero a piece of her mind (I think she ended up calling the micro company and trying to get him fired), and took her crazy gringa to bed. The next morning I. called our program director and told her that enough was enough and that this girl had to change houses. I can’t remember if the girl ended up being sent home or not, but I know she no longer lived at I.’s house.


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