>Who needs cheerleaders when you’ve got rooks?

>Today was homecoming at my brother’s small private military college. My brother attends as a civilian (thank goodness) and is a freshmen on the football team. (Well, actually right now he is second string and only goes in on the point after attempts, but he’ll get more playing time next year). Anyway, so my parents and I headed down to see the football game. It was quite the event.

First of all, before the game all of the cadets marched out onto the field to the tune of a military marching band. Then once they were all lined up on the field organized by company or battalion (or whatever, I’m not sure the correct terminology!) the upper classmen broke off and could go sit in the stands or wherever they wanted to. The rooks (the freshmen) however, all spontaneously started yelling and charging, then quickly lined up in two lines and starting yelling “Here we go Norwich, Here we go!” This happened for about 5 minutes, then after the away team got on the field, the Norwich team came running through the two lines of cadets. It was pretty cool. Then the band played the Star Spangled Bannar, and in perfect (military) timing, two F-16 fighter planes felw over the field as the crowd sang “…and the home of the brave.”

The best part, however, was the fact that during the game the rooks had to stand on either end of the field and basically act as cheerleaders. The would cheer, yell, do pushups, and they even did the wave! At times I found the rooks more entertaining at times than the actual game itself, although the end of the game was pretty exciting. Here are some videos.

In other unrelated news, I really need to do something about my hair. It is really long, and I like it that way, but I’m starting to get dreads. This happens whenever I wear something with a collar (every day at work) or hood (tonight at the bbq). My hair right now is just one huge dreadlock underneath and I’m really dreading (pun inteded) trying to get it out! Is there a way to thin hair without cutting it too much? I really should learn to go to the hairdresser more than once a year…

PS. I just want to note that in no way does this post mean to support or condone the armed forces. That is for a different post. I’m simply noting the entertainment value of homecoming at a military college.


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