>Elation…y Feliz 18!

>A group of high school kids from Spain came to work today and I started to talk to some of them (in Castellano, claro). I asked where they were from, they told me Andalucia, then get this. He asked, “De donde eres tu? Mexico?” YES YES YES YES!! I was so happy that I thanked him but told him that I was from here.

I know that my accent (or lack of gringa accent, depending on how you think about it) is pretty mediocre. I TRY really hard to roll my rr’s, and I can do it, but it doesn’t really sound natural. Even though I know I should make the r’s sound like English d’s, sometimes I forget. My s’s are too “essy” and my t’s are too sharp.

So you can imagine how it made my day that this kid thought I was a native Spanish speaker. Maybe he was just being nice, but he made my day anyway.

Also, Feliz 18! I sooooooo wish I were in Chile right now. I’ve never even been in Chile for the 18th before, but it’s something about knowing that my friends are partying it up and I’m stuck here at work. But 18-9-09 is going to be awesome. I can already tell.


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