>I should get a Dog Owner of the Year Award

>My parents are gone this weekend watching my brother play football out in the boonies of New York State. So I am in charge of the dogs.

This always happens to me. Whenever the dogs fully depend on me to take them for a walk, it pours. It doesn’t just gently rain, sprinkle or drizzle. I’m talking about sheets of rain, large drops falling from the sky. Not pleasant. So on my ride home (which took forever because there was an accident right before my exit), as my windshield wipers worked a mile a minute, I decided that maybe the dogs would be okay without a walk today.

N.O.P.E. I was SOL. Ruby was literally rearing to go and Stella would not stop nipping at my feet, so I put on my rain gear and headed out. Except I decided to wear my sneakers instead of mud boots because I figured running would make the whole ordeal go by faster.

Running in a raincoat is not fun. Add to this the fact that I had my cell phone, keys, and two dog leashes (both the retractable kind with the large plastic apparatus) in my pockets. I felt like a friggin’ pack mule huffing along. And I kept getting freaked out by every slight noise so I finally gave up running because I couldn’t hear as well over my heavy breathing and pounding footsteps.

Then, to top off a perfect outing, it started thundering. I HATE thunderstorms when I’m inside. I absolutely freak out when I’m outside. So I started running again. Luckily the thunder never really got close and I made it back to the car safely, but it was not pleasant.

Oh my gosh. Just a second ago I swear I heard two people talking, and thought someone (who??? I’m home all alone!!) had turned on the TV. I grabbed the scissors and slowly made my way downstairs to the basement, turning on every single light as I went. No one was down watching TV. So I called my dad and he said it might have been people walking on the street. In the dark? In the rain? I think I’m going batty.

And now, to top off this wonderful evening home alone, the coyotes started howling. Creepy!


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