>New Get Rich Quick Scheme

>Last night I was talking to F. about my TEFL homework, and he asked me to describe one of the exercises I had to do. So I read: “Exercize 7: Identify the forms of the bolded verbs in the following sentences; write (a) for present continuous, (b) for past continuous, (c) for future continuous, or (d) for none of the above.”

“WEON!” he yelled, “Suenas exactamente como esas tipicas grabaciones del colegio!”

Then he went onto explain about the recordings they would have to listen to in English class, and he did this whole impression of it which was actually really funny. In fact I remember the ones we had to listen to in Spanish I that went like this:

“Hola Juan.”
“Hola María.”
“¿Cómo estás?”
“Bien, gracias.”
“¿Dónde está la biblioteca?”

Or something like that…

So now I can go work for the companies that produce those tapes and make my fortune seeing as my idea of selling condoms on the micro was shot to hell.


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