>Tampons, Condoms and Razors, oh my!

>Being my day off, I found myself with some extra time on my hands. (Okay, who am I kidding. I practically spend every day at work online too. No one wants ice cream in September, it seems.) So after shopping, visiting my sister and getting lost in the woods with the dogs, I started perusing the menu of links on the side of Kyle’s blog. I found this hilarious post reminding me that I need to bring approximately 10 boxes of tampons with me in January. After my supply ran out while I was studying abroad, I did manage to find some at Jumbo and at the shiny then-new Lider on Irarrazabal although they set me back at least 3.5 mil for a tiny box. Ouch.

Anyway, visions of airport security accusing me of “trafficking” tampons into Chile reminded me of a conversation I had with F. and another Chilean pareja about condoms. Never having bought condoms in the US, I found Chilean condoms to be quite steep. 2 mil for 3? That’s more than a dollar a pop. After some careful research after returning stateside, I found out that condoms here are not much cheaper if one were to buy them. But, as you all know, in the US one can find condoms for free pretty easily, through college health services, The Great American Condom Campaign, Planned Parenthood, etc.

But onward to the point of this story. So one night we were all sitting around talking about condoms. I had recently told F. how condoms are practically free in the US. He was quite shocked, and thereby relayed this info to R. and P. Now P. (conincidentally the one who covers R.’s eyes during the movies) is pretty conservative. She was aghast and said “Imagine if that happened in Chile! Everyone would be having so much sex everywhere!” Then ensued this big debate over whether giving away free condoms would make people have more sex, or if it would simply cut down on the rate of teen pregnancy because people are going to have sex with or without a condom. So then we decided that if I didn’t make it as an English teacher I could simply order a box of condoms from the Great American Condom Campaign and then sell them on the micros here in Chile.*

And finally, razors. I though of the idea for this post while shaving my legs in the shower, reminding me that I will have to also traffick good (read: made for women) razors as well. I’m not into waxing and not into scouring the city to find cheap, men’s razors to use on my legs leading to painful and ugly razor burn.

This whole posts leads me to the following (rhetorical) question: What do Chileans have against (a gringa’s idea of) personal hygiene?

*Upon further investigation of the Great American Condom Campaign site, it looks like they no longer give out free boxes of condoms due to “overwhelming demand.” Buuuu. There goes my get-rich-quick scheme!


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