>Conflicting Emotions

>Things I miss:

  • The snow capped Andes
  • Empanadas (esp. de la Fuente Suiza!!)
  • Porotos Granados
  • People watering their sidewalks*
  • The Nokia text message sound
  • Being able to get anywhere without a car
  • Gossiping with I.
  • Regaloñeado 🙂
  • F.
  • Hearing Spanish all the time
  • Staying up late and sleeping in late
  • Once
  • Palta with everything
  • Bravissimo
  • Play FM
  • Pingüinos

Things I Will Miss:

  • Hanging around and chatting with my family
  • Ruby and Stella
  • The greenness of summer in VT
  • The clean air
  • Jogging in the woods
  • Rent free living (ha)
  • Mom, Dad, Chelsea, Philip
  • Gatherings of extended family
  • Real Maple Syrup, Peanut Butter and Bagels
  • My co-workers
  • Knowing that I can hop in a car, drive four-six hours, and see most of my friends**

*Actually, this kind of infuriates me. It’s such a waste of water! But, I really like the smell of wet pavement. Weird, I know. It’s just one of those things that is so baffling to me. Maybe it’s normal practice in cities throughout the US too, but since I’ve never lived in a US city I wouldn’t know. So anyway, I guess the point of this is that I miss it because it is such an enigma. If that even makes sense.

**Okay, so this obviously doesn’t pertain to E. (in Russia) and R. (in Idaho).


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