>What’s in a name?

>So I thought I should perhaps explain why the title of my blog is what it is.

F. likes nicknames. He has lots of nicknames for his family and friends. In fact, I thought that his sister’s name was “Lin” for the longest time, and then I learned that it was just a nickname. And I didn’t know his mom’s real name for a long time either, although I suspected it wasn’t “Pom.”

Anyway, he has lots of nicknames for me, including: Abc, Abbylina, Cawots (see this youtube video), Gordo (no, not Gorda) and my favorite, Abbyline. So the url was easy, and I was going to call it something like “Abbyline’s Adventures” but that sounded lame so then it came to me: Abby’s Line. As in Abby’s Line of Thought. Or Abby’s Line of Reason. Or Abby’s Line of lo que sea.

Generally, I’m not one to believe in strict lines, that is, I don’t believe that things in this world are black and white, good and bad, hot and cold, right or wrong. I think there is a lot of room for greys, warms, and different ways of percieving life’s situations. So Abby’s Line, in a sense, is always shifting. Just like me! Although I hope to stay settled in Chile, but honestly who knows what will happen. I’m open to any and all possibilities.


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