>Melt my heart

>A three year old girl just made my day, heck maybe even my week. A man with his young daugher came up to the ticket desk. Now just to begin with, I am completely enamoured with fathers and their young children. Maybe it’s because I’m in my prime child bearing years and therefore my biological whatever is looking for a potential, fertile mate. More likely I think that men, often sterotyped as being tough and macho, showing their “soft” side towards their children is incredibly attractive. But I digress.

This one particular three year old whispered something to her father. He tells her, “Go ahead and tell her.” So I look down and ask “What do you want to tell me sweetie?” (I honestly thought she was going to say it was her birthday). She looked up at me and shyly said “You’re pretty.” AWWWWWWW! I seriously wanted to give her the biggest hug and then take her home. But I’m pretty sure my bosses would frown on kidnapping young guests. Sigh.

So anyway, that was my excitement for the day. Now back to freezing inside while it’s easily 75 degrees out. I wish they would get the hint (me dressed in multiple layers with the space heater blaring) and turn off the AC.


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