>I admit it, my puppy voice is annoying

>I have two dogs and I SWEAR they like it when I talk to them in my puppy voice. The members of my family are not so fond of this voice. In fact, before I left for college I remember my Dad commenting that the only thing he wasn’t going to miss about me was that voice. But whatever. I have proof that they like it, only it’s proof that I obtained without witnesses other than Stella and Ruby. The other morning I walked down stairs and as usual, Ruby was asleep in her chair and Stella was in my parents’ bed. I started petting Ruby and talking to her using my puppy voice. Stella heard me and came zipping out into the living room to get in on the love action. The next day (okay I don’t know if it exactly was the next day, but it doesn’t matter) I went downstairs and Ruby was in her chair, and I started petting her, but talking to her in my normal “human” voice. I listened for the pitter-patter of footsteps from my parent’s room. Nada. I went to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of apple juice. Went back to the living room. Talked to Ruby in my puppy voice. Like clockwork, Stella comes zooming out.

I also have a voice for the cat, but it’s different. Also, I’m not such a fan of the cat so usually I insult him, but in the cat voice so he doesn’t realize.

In other related news, one would think that a double bed would be big enough for me+a pugeranian that weighs no more than 9 pounds. However, one would have thought wrong. Stella, who has taken to sleeping with me now that my sister is gone, takes up more than 3/4 of the bed. I naturally like to sleep at the edge of the bed with my arm hanging off the edge, but last night I woke up almost srunched between my bedside table and the edge of my bed. She insists on sleeping RIGHT.NEXT.TO.ME. I pushed her over, only to find myself in the same situation some two hours later. Tonight she’s sleeping in the basement, no matter how many cute puppy dog eyes she gives me.


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