>Life’s too short to speed

>Despite cops I know that try to tell me otherwise, I am totally convinced that there are more police on the roads at the end of the month. Today alone I saw 3 on my way to work and 2 on my way home. Last night I thought I was going to get nabbed as I sped down Main Street (going 35 in a 25) hill on my way to dinner with my Dad.

However, I don’t usually speed, for various reasons. Actually, scratch that. Rarely do I go more than 10 mph over the speed limit. When I was little my Dad told me that they wouldn’t pull you over unless you were going more than 10 mph over, and this stuck. I don’t even know if this is true or not, but I digress.

Anyway, I don’t speed because I can’t afford to pay the ticket, and also because it doesn’t always get me there all that much faster. Case in point: I was driving to work the other day and this car went zooming by me about a mile from the exit. I pulled of the exit, and that car was waiting at the stop sign for traffic. We both pulled into work (turned out to be a coworker) at around the same time and I made it inside before her. I guess my drivers’ ed teacher was right.

Also, another scary thing about speeding. A coworker was telling me today that yesterday she got pulled over in Massachusetts by a cop that was laying down in a field (?) with his radar gun pointed at her, then proceeded to jump up and wave his hands at her to pull over. She ignored him (as I would have too) because who knows if he’s really a cop? He could have been like this guy or the man in Vermont this summer who was doing the same thing. When he finally pulled her over, he was mad. I told her she did the right thing.


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